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Benro Aero 2 Tripod Review

We have been searching high and low for an affordable light weight tripod that has a smooth head. There are many models out there but we found that most of the lower cost tripods in the $ 100 – $ 150 range lacked all the features we were looking for.

Here is the wish list we started with:

  • Smooth Fluid Head
  • Light and Compact
  • Mono-Pod option
  • In the $ 150 to $ 200 price range

After looking at all of the major brands like Bogen,  Sachtler, Manfrotto and Gitzo we settled on the Benro Aero 2.

For starters it hit our wish list.  At $ 200 it’s more expensive than the cheapie tripods but much less expensive than some of the known name brands.   The first consideration was the smoothness of the head.  This is the downfall of most inexpensive tripods. The head on the Benro is smooth and works well with our Panasonic  GH4. However, see our note below about this fluid head.

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