Classes & Workshops

Class & Workshops taught by award winning filmmakers

  • Directing Workshop

    Directing Workshop

    Learn effective ways of sharing your vision with your collaborators.

  • 2 Day Film School

    2 Day Film School

    This two day course will introduce the world of indie filmmaking, with dozens of tips.

  • Director of Photography

    Director of Photography

    Learn what it takes to be a Director of Photography (DP).

Learn Filmmaking

And much more

Students are immersed in interesting, relevant projects, and mentored by people with experience in industry.
Students are encouraged to bring their ideas and ambitions to create a personally tailored learning program. Glass Shack Film School is about agile education rather than pre-structured course majors.
Industry mentors will facilitate student projects and help them network and gain valuable connections. Teaching is by doing rather than lectures.
Radically lower cost compared to old style film schools.


Fits Your Schedule

  • Workshops


    Hands on workshops. Small groups learning cutting edge techniques form recent productions.

  • At Home

    At Home

    Up, close and personal view of the production techniques at the comfort of your home.

  • Support


    Focus on a specific area or get help with a project that you are working on.

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  • It could not get any better than this. A reasonable priced class that puts me in the driver's seat of how to make my own film. I loved the class, the people were cool and the fabulous space is convenient located. Looking forward to taking the entire course series.