About Us

The NYC Film Co-Op members get together to help one another make films, web series and documentaries. Pitches are made, crews are formed, and the filmmaking process starts.

How it Started

I moved to New York City, driven by my ambition to produce a sitcom inspired by my previous career in digital media advertising. Three years of film production gave me the knowledge to know I couldn’t realize this dream alone. I shopped my idea around, eventually assembling a team of people with the skills and experience (script writing, director of photography, editing, directing, sound) I needed.

Producing my comedy series was both energizing and educating. In fact, it seemed to me that I had just received the best education possible. By working with people experienced in their respective industries, and creating something useful and interesting, I learned more than I could have in a classroom—and without paying the high costs associated with traditional learning approaches.

From this small group of filmmakers the Co-Op was born. We went on to expand the cooperative in order to get beginning filmmakers up to speed. To that end we conduct workshops on “How to create a web series” and “Two Day Film School”. As we did this, an idea for a new way to learn, an alternative to high-cost filmmaking, took root.

Our Film Co-Op members work together to produce media projects.  Both films and web series require a cohort to pull off a production.  Our cooperative provides a framework for groups to get together and pitch in to get a production off the ground.


Joseph Pearce
Founder of NYC Film Co-Op